Schillonie Calvert shares some thoughts

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Schillonie Calvert, former Holmwood Technical student, is from Salt Spring in Montego Bay. This pint-sized sprinter feels that the move to Kingston is a good one since this is where the facilities and equipment suitable for her level of training is located.

Schillonie shared her thoughts with us on:

Track and Field – the good side  “Track and Field has made me into the young lady I have become. It exposed me to many socio-economic and cultural experiences. It helped to develop my whole attitude towards life. It also helped me to be more competitive, respectful, committed, dedicated and disciplined.

Track and Field – the bad side  “Personally speaking, when you have suffered from injury and can’t compete it is very hard. In addition, the critics you encounter daily as an athlete, if you are not strong, sometimes these harsh criticisms can affect your confidence.

Female Athletes   “I believe female athletes don’t get the same recognition as the male athlete. For example, if a meet is being advertised, it is the male athletes that the spectators are encouraged to come and see. In this regard, I think it is a bit unfair to us female athletes.”

Being a professional  “Being a professional takes a lot of sacrifice and committment. At times I felt like giving up and letting go, but because it is my job and I know within me that I have not reached my true potential and my optimal level in the sport, it gives me the drive to continue working.”

Competition  “Prior to competition we as athletes have to get ourselves prepared and the day of the competition, is when the adrenaline rush begins. However, competition is a great thing because it brings out the whole competitiveness as an individual and competitor.”

Injury  ” If you ask any athlete they will tell you, it is one of the most difficult experience in the life of an athlete. It sets you back and you have to be mentally and physically strong in order to recover. Hence it may cause your career to come to a sudden end.”

Racers  In the last two years, the club has increased the number of female athletes. They are expected to perform just as good as the male athletes who have contributed to the phenomenal growth in the club over the years. The bond between us athletes, coaches and management staff, is no different from being at home with family and relatives. the relationship is warm and welcoming.

Schillonie’s objectives for this season are staying focussed and committed in order to maximize her full potential; remaining healthy and injury free; listening and following the directions of her coaches and just to be successful in all that she does. She wants everyone to know, that she is very determined and destined and hungry for victory. She believes that one day it will be her time to shine.


2 Responses to “Schillonie Calvert shares some thoughts”

  1. just continued to work hard schillonie and believe in yourself ,your day will come .

  2. Hey girl I know you got it in you on you make you family happy….go for your dream we have faith and believe in you we all love you

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