Edino Steele

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This wide-eyed young man with the US accent is so full of energy, one can get tired just by looking at him. He oozes confidence and is prepared to do whatever it takes to be a great athlete.

Edino has been running for 18 years. That means he started at Lanaman’s Preparatory school in Jamaica. He left Jamaica in 1998 and continued running, but it was in high school that he began to take this ‘running thing’ seriously. In 2003, he ran the 100m in 10.7 secs. and the 200m in 21.34 secs. That’s when he really started to focus on Track. Of course he was encouraged by his father a  former mid-46 secs 400m runner and his mother who has a ’11 low’ PR in the 100m.

When Edino decided to become a professional in June 2007, it was because he thought he was ready. When he was younger, he used to imitate Davian Clarke and Christopher Williams. They inspired him and he thought of them as mentors. Getting older, he had to compete with them and against them. Deciding to maintain allegiance to Jamaica, was therefore easy. He never thought about representing the US once.

While representing Jamaica at the 2006 World Junior Championships in Beijing, Edino told Mr. Mills that he could break the 200m and 400m records. Soon after meetings were being held with JAAA and his father to convince him to send Edino to Jamaica. Racers was then a done deal. Edino feels that with the help he is now getting from Mr. Mills and Bert Cameron, the sky is the limit for him as an athlete. When asked how has it been at Racers so far, he said , “One word, comfortable.” Then he said, “Comfortable and happy with a big smile on my face all the time.”

Edino hopes that for this season, he will stay healthy and improve his Personal Record in the 200m and 400m. He says that if everything goes as well as his training is going, he knows he can be successful at the World Championships. He wants everyone to know that he is one of the most hard-working short quarter-milers  that is going “to do it.”


3 Responses to “Edino Steele”

  1. How could you do a article like this without saying who his Mother & Father is ??.

  2. looking forward to watching you taking on the world.

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